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Big spot on chrome plated tripod. The lamp has a flat glass plate; The head can be turned 360°, but not tilted. E27 fitting. Min height: ca 2,4m. Details
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Genuine ca 1930 ERPE lamp in Art-Deco style; Belgian made. This type of lamp can be seen in the pre-war display of a typical railway station office in the Trainworld museum in Brussels. E27 fitting. Note: the bulb shown is an "architect" type bulb and will not be shipped with the item for sale.
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Dante Donegani Luceplan Strip D22 refurbished lamp;
Materials: polycarbonate, polished Alu.
L: 74 cm, W: 18,6 cm, H: 8,5 cm W: 29,13”, H:
Weight 4,04 kg
Light: 2x 24 W TL
Class: IP40
Designed: 1996
Can be hung or mounted at a wall.
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Small desk lamp with turn-around switch in bakelite. E14 fitting. The socket plug might not fit, and probably will have to be changed for compatibility; it only indicates the genuine old shape of the item. SOLD
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Green lamp with numerous ceramic tiles. E14 fitting. Height: ca 20 cm
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Louis Kalff desk lamp ca 1960. Fully functional and in its original state. Grey lacquered metal; The wire is authentic, as is the rare bowl mirror lamp.
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Belmag Swiss made vintage lamp; wiring and plug are original.; E27 fitting. SOLD
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Antique pressure print roller. Wood with copper print pins. Bulb and shade not furnished with this item. Approx height: 70cm; E27 fitting.
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Set of 3 hanging fixtures; Massive, ca 1980. The grey parts are plastic, the rose parts are painted metal. E27 fitting
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Hanau Sollux lamp, sometimes also referred to as quartz lamp, Ca 1930; This item has a nickel plating, metal cast iron painted base and 2 lockable rotation junctions. Original 150W Radium bajonet bulb, can be replaced by a LED bulb. All finishing and wiring, including the paint are original; some age-related scratches and marks, nothing more then the usual wear and tear. Read more here about Hanau lamps.
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Set of 3 "Natrium low pressure" hanging lamps; A bulb fitting reduction is supplied with these items to reduce Goliath to E27 sockets. Spots can be fixed to a vertical wall, using supplied clamps, or hung (system not supplied). Height approx. ca 75cm.
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Nickel hex profile on round nickeled base. Opaline tulip glass; fitted with E27. Gives warm light.
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A genuine Venetian mask has been used in this lamp. Comes with round black shade. Mask is glitter silver/gold. E27 fitting.
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1950's style lamp made of a polished cow horn. Fins are also of the same material. Wired with a E14 lamp socket. Gives great light effect when lighted! SOLD
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